Barber Mind Ghost Pomade - 100ml


Obviously, one could not pretend not to know that many people prefer a less well-defined style, they hate a shining effect and love an uncombed effect, which is however equally well designed. And this is where another challenge started.

Yes, because a characteristic shared by all matt pomades on the market is that they are not water soluble but have a petroleum jelly basis. And yet, Barber Mind's Ghost Pomade is fully water soluble and for this very reason we called it Ghost: not only is the effect on your hair invisible, but it disappears immediately when you wet it with water, like a ghost!

Obviously, its incredible creaminess makes styling easy and quick, as people who love an uncombed look expect, and the presence of Tsubaki oil makes your hair soft while preventing irritations to your scalp. Easy to use, zero residues

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