The Bluebeards Revenge Spatha Straight Razor


The Ultimate Straight Razor for Real Men

The Roman Legions carved their Emperors a vast empire at the point of their short stabbing spear; the Spatha.

With its olivewood scales and Spanish point, it was obvious that the latest straight razor to join the ranks of The Bluebeards Revenge was destined to be named in honour of Rome’s legendary side-arm.

The Spatha boasts a 6/8 inch stainless steel blade with a serrated tang.

Distinctive, handsome and purposeful, the Spatha wears its name with pride.

Each razor is completely unique, thanks to the grain pattern of its olivewood handle. This uniqueness is also personified with a serial number and a certificate of authenticity signed by Ralf Aust, the manufacturer and David Hildrew, The Bluebeard in Chief himself.

Please note: Whilst this razor is factory honed and deemed shave ready by the manufacturer, getting it professionally honed is still suggested prior to commencing your shave if you like to keep things extra-sharp.



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