Disicide Concentrate 600ml


Disicide Concentrated Disinfectant 600ml. Disicide is the only brand that has managed to meet all the criteria and requirements to offer the best products for both the environment and people. Superior quality cleaning and disinfection for hairdressers and barbershops.

DISICIDE concentrate is a biocidal product that provides a hospital grade disinfection for hairdressers, barbershops, SPAs or beauty salons. Proven effectiveness against bacteria and viruses. A fantastic disinfectant, fungicide and virucidal product. It does not contain solvents, since it is made of water and has a very mild smell.

How to use: dilute 30ml of the DISICIDE concentrate in 1L of water. Place scissors, cutting blades, or other instruments in the mix for at least 15 minutes (maximum 30 min). After this time, remove them from the liquid, rinse them with water and dry them with paper. It is recommended to use a freshly mixed solution every day.

100% Vegan product and respectful with the environment.

This product is registered for sale in Ireland - Disicide Concentrate PCS 99890


Made in Sweden

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