Layrite Super Shine Cream 4oz (120g)


A medium weight, cream coloured styling cream on a lanolin base with the great Layrite scent. Provides a medium firm, flexible hold and an awesome shine. Made in the USA.

The Layrite Super Shine Cream comes, from all three Layrites, next to a real pomade. Since it is based on a combination of water, lanolin (wool fat) and beeswax and silicone. 


The Layrite Super Shine Cream offers one thing: an incredibly high shine. The gloss effect is already evident with the first combing. Unlike traditional, chemical-free pomades in the hair it doesn't feel oily at all. The hold is medium weight, but thanks to lanolin, lanolin wax and beeswax very stable. 

For which hairstyles is this suitable for this product 

The Layrite Super Shine Cream is suitable for all the hairstyles that should shine. So it is perfect for glossy looks of the 1920s to the 1950s. 

Consistency and fragrance 

The Layrite Supershine Cream looks like a cremy paste.  The scent is very, very mild.  


 In the hands it feels quite sticky, but applied in the hair the stickiness is gone and it's easy to comb. 

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