men-ü Ultimate Shave / Facial 3 x 15ml Pack



Requested by barbers for introducing clients to the award-winning men-u range - 15ml tubes of ultra concentrate Shave Creme Healthy Facial Wash and Facial Moisturiser Lift providing 20-30 applications from each tube - the most compact package yet!

Designed for the regular guy who wants to be impressed and believes in simplicity and performance the ultimate shave/facial set provides an affordable introduction to quality grooming products. Have confidence in the knowledge that you can continue with a normal routine but with improved results and a better experience!

Comprising of 3 ultra concentrate (a little goes a very long way!) 15ml tubes of shave creme healthy facial wash and facial moisturiser lift this compact set is also the perfect travel partner! men-u shave creme 15ml tube (up to 20 shaves). The award winning men-u shave creme takes you to the next level in shaving!

Optimum slip and a smooth ride for your razor to deliver a wet shave of professional standard every time. After all what is the point of a bad shave and a good shave creme makes your blade last longer! men-ü healthy facial wash 15ml tube (up to 30 washes).

Enjoy an invigorating apres-shave deep cleanse with the men-ü healthy facial wash! Soap free pH balanced and with a high concentration of tea tree oil and witch hazel this is the ideal way to protect from spots and shaving rash when the skin is most vulnerable. men-ü facial moisturiser lift 15ml tube (up to 20 applications). Finishing with men-ü facial moisturiser lift gives your skin a post shave boost! Moisturise and calm the skin leaving it looking and feeling amazing in seconds. Suitable for all skin types.

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