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About Clubman Pinaud

With over 200 years of grooming experience, Clubman Pinaud has been celebrated for producing quality grooming products since its foundation in the early 19th century. They strive to help men smell, look and feel their best. The brand's legacy originated in the early 1800s with Edouard Pinaud, a famous fragrancier from Paris. Pinaud opened a specialty store, The House of Ed. Pinaud, which sold luxury fragrances for men and women, shaving soaps, creams, and dozens of other beauty and grooming products. Pinaud’s specialties included Eau de Quinine, a fragrance for hair, as well as the Lilac Vegetal, an after shave with a crisp masculine fragrance, still popular today.


The iconic Clubman Pinaud packaging still graces barber’s stations and bathroom counters alike. Men have been using the products for generations, while the younger users are turning to the product for trusted grooming solutions with the sense of nostalgia, proving quality never goes out of style.