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About Marmara Cologne

Marmara Cologne started production in 1970 with special essences brought from France by Rinaldo Marmara. Produced with the essence of lemon grass, The Marmara Cologne appeared in many houses, shelves of barber shops and inside ladies bags in the 1970's and the 1980's.

Since, then they have expanded their offering to a number of other lines Marmara Kolonya, Barber, Eau de Cologne & Cacao Oil.

Marmara Kolonya - their original fresh lemon scent.

Marmara Barber Cologne - gives a feeling of cleanliness and comfort for a long time due to its permanent odour giving it coolness and freshness.

Marmara Eau de Cologne - fruity scents’ for your skin.

Marmara Cacao - a line infused with Cacao Oil.

Today the Marmara brand is produced for them by Senso Cosmetics, established in Ferikoy, Istanbul in 1992 by Mr. M. Nadir Yorgun.